Steinert Energy refuses to test boiler

Saco, Maine 0 comments

Steinert Energy Co.located in Windham, Maine, serviced my boiler but did not leave a combustion test, which is illegal.

I called to ask for a report and was told that one was done, and it would be mailed. This made no sense. How would I know it is MY boiler test? I called again and asked for a different technician to come test my boiler.

They said I would have to wait several days. A week passed with no call or technician coming to my home to do a test. An engineer who works for a power plant and has been in the business for 18 years did a test with terrible results. Translation: A good cleaning was not done.

I called Steinert a third time (they are supposed to be legally responsible for my boiler), asked for a manager, and was given the technician who "serviced" my boiler.

He refused to come test my boiler, acknowledge that it is ILLEGAL not to leave a combustion report, and argued with me about my rights.

MY RECOMMENDATION: Do NOT use Steinert Energy Windham, Maine.

Review about: Boiler Service.

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